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About HCSS Education

HCSS Education, part of the Access Group, is a leading education finance specialist, providing practical and effective software solutions, training and consultancy services.

We consistently add value through our extensive experience and knowledge of the education sector.

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YOUR HCSS User Groups

We run a series of regional YOUR HCSS User Groups as a value added service to our software users.

At the events we share useful product hints and tips, talk about the new things we're working and give you the chance to provide direct feedback and be involved in shaping the future development of our products and services.

Visit our YOUR HCSS User Groups page to find out more.

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Bursarial Services

Financial management in schools and particularly academies is becoming more and more complicated and technical. With real terms shrinking resources and increasing pressure on School Leaders to deliver high standards it has never been more important to have robust and effective financial management support.                           

Whether it is short term assistance to cover a staff vacancy or longer term support to strengthen the financial management function, we can deliver a range of Bursarial Services tailored to meet your specific needs

Visit our Bursarial Services page to find out more.


In our dealings thus far with HCSS, we can validate their promise of being ‘friendly experts’


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