January 2017 | HCSS Education

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January 2017

HCSS Education’s school and academy budgeting guidance 2017/18

It is budget time, the time of year that business managers and finance directors go into overdrive in checking, planning, negotiating, and most importantly, balancing all the numbers that underpin the smooth running of schools and academies.

This year, significant numbers of school and academy budget plans will be written in a tough financial context. A new National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) poll found that two-thirds (72 per cent) of school leaders believed that their budgets would be unsustainable by 2019.

School budgets crisis - NAHT report

The National Union of Head teachers (NAHT) has once more warned of the ongoing dangers of the current education budget crisis in their 2016/17 report, released recently.

In the report, titled Breaking Point: A Report of School Funding in Crisis, the NAHT used responses from 1,102 head teachers and school business managers to highlight their current concerns.