March 2017 | HCSS Education

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March 2017

Apprenticeship Levy guide for schools

Due to launch on 6 April, the new Apprenticeship Levy will see schools, local authorities and multi-academy trusts with large payrolls forced to pay a 0.5% levy on their wage bill.

When it was announced in the autumn of 2015, the levy was billed as a way of making sure that big businesses shouldered more of the costs of training workers. But the ‘big business payroll tax’ will also affect cash-strapped schools, including some small community schools.

This guide provides all the information that schools need about the Apprenticeship Levy, including:

HCSS Education makes life easier for academy Finance Director

Lostock Hall Academy is a small 550-pupil secondary that completed the academy conversion process in 2011. 

On the outskirts of Preston, the school’s most notable alumnus is the straight-talking Lancastrian Tim Farron, who currently leads the Liberal Democrats in Westminster. 

CFO oversees six academy conversions in a year with HCSS Education tools

Accounting demo CTA

Based in West Yorkshire, the Inspire Partnership Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) is a new but fast growing MAT under the careful financial management of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Hayley Hill. 

Budget expected to benefit free schools and grammar schools, despite funding shortfall across the board

THE chancellor Philip Hammond is expected to announce a one-off payment of more than £300m in tomorrow’s budget for grammar schools and free schools, despite the much publicised funding shortages reported by head teachers. 

The news comes as plans to potentially lift the grammar school ban are reportedly being looked into by the government amid rumours of a ‘grammar school revolution’.