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April 2017

What to see at the Academies Show London: Finance talks for academy leaders

HCSS Education and Access Group will be exhibiting its innovative education software package at The Academies Show London tomorrow (26 April). 

If you are attending, feel free to pop over and chat to a member of our friendly team on stand 230. 

To help academy business managers, finance directors and other school leaders make the most of what is sure to be a bumper show, HCSS consultants have picked out some interesting looking business and finance talks that they believe are worth seeing. 

Budget deficit avoidance guide for schools and academies – part one

This is part one of a three-part blog series, in which HCSS Education senior consultant Phil Andrews discusses the role and importance of accurate budgeting and planning in schools. 

Although called a ‘deficit avoidance guide’, the strategies can be applied equally to those trying to recover from a deficit position, and can also help those schools with surplus funds who want to make the best use of resources in the coming years.

Weekly news round-up: Snap election shakes up education

This week, Theresa May announced that a June general election was necessary to guarantee certainty after the EU referendum. 

But for teachers, parents and pupils, the future looks anything but certain. Here’s a round-up of the week’s most important news for education leaders. 

Snap election puts grammar schools on the table

After she called a snap general election, Theresa May was keen to put Brexit at the top of the issue agenda. 

What do school budget deficits and asteroids have in common?

What do school budget deficits and asteroids have in common? 

You can see them coming. 

More accurately, you can see them coming and take steps to mitigate their impact.

It what is considered a near miss in astrological terms, a ‘Gibraltar-sized’ asteroid passed within 1.1 million miles of Earth on Wednesday afternoon. 

These kinds of cosmic close calls have a way of putting other problems into perspective and forcing us to ask what if? 

HCSS Accounting early adopter turns unofficial brand ambassador

Michaela Groves is the School Business Manager at standalone academy Atwood Primary in South Croydon. After struggling to get to grips with her old accountancy software, Michaela was desperate to join the HCSS Accounting pilot programme.

Secondary school subjects face the chop in funding shortage

A joint survey of members by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) and the National Union of Teachers (NUT) has revealed that secondary schools are addressing funding shortages by cutting academic subjects.

The unions claim that the survey of 1,200 teachers, support staff and heads shows that issues with funding are having a significant impact on children’s education. It also shows that schools are starting to take drastic action to address budget shortfalls. 

Weekly news round-up for education finance leaders

The week before the majority of schools break up for the Easter half-term brought with it some important education news.

In the first instalment of this recurring news round-up, education finance software company HCSS Education briefly summarises the week’s most important news stories for school leaders.

Success Plans to deliver tailored support on HCSS Education’s finance software

From April, new HCSS Budgeting and HCSS Accounting customers will enjoy access to new support packages that are more closely aligned with their needs.

When signing up for the software, new customers will be asked to choose either the Basic, Standard or Premier Success Plan based on their support requirements and organisation size.

Existing HCSS Budgeting and HCSS Accounting customers will not be affected by this change, they will continue to receive the same level of support that they have always received.

HCSS Budgeting launches new Apprenticeship Levy calculator

From today, academies, local authorities (LAs) and multi-academy trusts (MATs) with payrolls over £3 million will be forced to pay a 0.5% Apprenticeship Levy on their wage bill.

HCSS Education’s budget planning tool, HCSS Budgeting, has just been updated with a new Apprenticeship Levy calculator.