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What do school budget deficits and asteroids have in common?

What do school budget deficits and asteroids have in common? 

You can see them coming. 

More accurately, you can see them coming and take steps to mitigate their impact.

It what is considered a near miss in astrological terms, a ‘Gibraltar-sized’ asteroid passed within 1.1 million miles of Earth on Wednesday afternoon. 

These kinds of cosmic close calls have a way of putting other problems into perspective and forcing us to ask what if? 

So, what if a mile-long asteroid was due to collide with earth? Would we be able to do anything? 

Dr Elizabeth Pearson from the BBC’s Sky at Night Magazine provided an answer on Radio 4. 

“If we know about it far enough in advance,” she said, “we can send a mission to slow it down by a tiny amount. Over time a small difference in speed would mean that the Earth isn’t in the asteroid’s path when it crossed the Earth’s orbit. 

“But that kind of thing takes a long time to plan.” 

In lots of ways, school budget deficits are similar. 

A budget deficit never made the dinosaurs extinct, but deficits can reap havoc on schools and academies. 

School business managers can use forecasting software like HCSS Budgeting to peer into the future and identify budgetary black holes up to five years in advance. 

And once a budget deficit has been identified, schools can try and avoid it in the same way the scientists would avoid an asteroid. 

The key to minimising the impact that a budget deficit has on educational outcomes is making smaller savings over a longer period of time. 

In the same way that asteroids can be slowed by a fraction of a degree, given enough time, schools can trim back on small expenses like printing costs and building maintenance instead resorting to cuts on mission-critical expenses like staff expenditure. 

Using software like HCSS Budgeting allows schools to spot budget deficits sooner and make smaller cutbacks over longer periods of time – without firing the entire nuclear arsenal. 

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