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KISS goodbye to strategy guesswork

Finance directors and school leaders of multi academy trusts (MATs) can drive positive results by using a proven management technique to inform vision and strategy. 

A new generation of leaders has emerged to inhabit the role of MAT financial director in the last half decade or so, but they face significant challenges, particularly as MATs grow to take on more and more schools. 

HCSS Accounting Pilot Success Story

Michaela Grove School Business Manager at Atwood Primary Academy discusses her experience of the HCSS Accounting pilot programme and being one of the first to try the software. Atwood Primary Academy are a customer through our reseller Jane Cousins Associates. 

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HCSS Accounting The Difference it's made Success Story - Michaela Groves

Michaela Grove, School Business Manager at Atwood Primary Academy. Purchases HCSS Accounting through one of our resellers Jane Cousins Associates. 

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HCSS Budgeting Success Story

Paul Staniland speaks about his successful experience of using HCSS Budgeting for forecasting and consolidation work to help his academy customers plan for the future. 

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How HCSS Accounting was developed to meet specialist needs of schools and academies

HCSS Accounting is a new cloud-based financial accounting system that’s already proving popular with hundreds of schools, academies and other organisations in the education sector. 

The system stands out from its rivals in the sector and this is no fluke. It was meticulously designed to meet the specialist needs of education finance teams. 

To gain a better understanding of the software, we spoke to three people who were involved at different phases of the development process. 

Four reasons why cloud-based software can benefit schools

Education finance specialist HCSS Education makes software with a difference. HCSS Budgeting, HCSS Curriculum and, the latest software solution, HCSS Accounting, have all been developed exclusively for use in schools and academies. They are also 100 per cent cloud-based, meaning that information can be accessed securely through any internet connection at any time.

Thinking of joining a multi-academy trust?

When schools take the plunge into academisation, they have to make an important decision about whether to go it alone and form a single academy trust or join up with existing academies under a multi-academy trust (MAT) arrangement. While the independence of the single academy model can be alluring, a majority still choose the academy chain model.

Outstanding school plans for an outstanding future

Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School is a co-educational secondary and sixth form that converted to academy status five years ago. Its ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted status and role as a teacher training college makes the academy a popular choice with local parents. 

Not even this successful school is  completely immune from the budget cuts that are threatening schools and academies up and down the country. 

Adventure is out there

Another half term is upon us and coming up with fun and new ways to keep the kids entertained without costing a fortune can be tricky. So we’ve pulled together a collection of days out and events across the country that might just keep the boredom at bay this half term.