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Our exceptional support for HCSS software users

The support we offer our software customers is highly rated - find out more about the options available to you.

Make the most of HCSS Accounting with fully inclusive training programme

More than 600 school and academy users nationwide have been active in HCSS Accounting since the official launch this September. 

HCSS Education’s team of experienced accounting consultants have been very busy travelling around the country to deliver individualised software training for the new system and its advanced range of features. 

Making the most of the HCSS Accounting migration process

HCSS Accounting launched earlier this month, and 645 users to date in schools and academies on the early adopter program are already making the most of the software's new features. 

And some schools and academies have already picked up on one of the more unexpected benefits that have come from the data migration process. 

A number of early switching schools have used the accounting system switch as an opportunity to streamline their accounting processes and supplier databases, and generally ‘dust off the cobwebs’ to make accounting simpler. 

A business manager's top tips for cutting academy costs

Kate Bradshaw is the vastly experienced school business manager at Brine Leas School in Nantwich, Cheshire.

The school was one of the first to convert to academy status back in 2010 and has held an ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted rating for as long as Kate can remember. 

But even though the school and attached sixth-form is oversubscribed, it has faced similar financial difficulties to thousands of schools up and down the country. 

Kate has grown used to grappling with costs and, when she first arrived, helped the school escape a £150,000 budget deficit. 

Rural Schools in Financial Crisis

9 out of ten rural schools and academies funded unfairly, says new research

Schools and academies in rural towns and villages are under more intense financial pressure than their urban counterparts according to new research, with 93% of rural-based leaders believing their institution is unfairly funded compared to others across the country. 

What to expect from an HCSS Accounting scoping day

HCSS Accounting was officially launched earlier this month, and lots of schools and academies are already taking advantage of the software’s advanced features. 

HCSS Accounting works in harmony with HCSS Budgeting to make school financial planning as trouble-free as possible. 

Some school business managers may have concerns about the switching phase. It is easy to see why when you think how valuable and sensitive a school’s financial data is. 

HCSS Education bolsters consultant team with education expertise

A leading education finance company has hired two new senior consultants to provide valuable expertise as it continues to expand its operations with innovative products specially designed for schools and academies.

HCSS Accounting - the implementation process

Switching to HCSS Accounting is simple - you decide when and our consultants do the rest.

What is academisation and why do schools do it?

Academisation is the process by which local authority maintained schools turn into academies. Depending on circumstances, a school can become an academy either by the 'academy sponsorship' route or on the 'academy conversion' route. 

These different models of academisation are done for different reasons and they lead to quite different outcomes. Before we dissect the models we take a look back at the history of academisation and the legacy of the forced academisation proposal.