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High demand for new bespoke accounting software for schools

More than 120 schools and academies are set to introduce brand new accountancy software designed specifically for the education sector this month, after raising concerns that current systems are not fit for purpose.

The new software, HCSS Accounting, has been developed by Macclesfield-based HCSS Education, which worked closely with a group of experienced education finance practitioners and leading figures from academies, schools and local authorities to develop the product over the past two years.

Founder of HCSS Education, Howard Jackson introduces HCSS Accounting

Howard Jackson, founder of HCSS Education talks all about why HCSS Accounting was developed. 

Want to find out more information about HCSS Accounting? Click here. 

Top heads and schools embracing social media

Social media presents a powerful platform for teachers to communicate effectively with parents, staff and pupils (providing the right safeguards are in place). We’ve highlighted some of the most useful and inspiring uses of social media by headteachers and schools.

John Tomsett – Twitter

The head of Huntington School in York, John Tomsett uses Twitter to very good effect. He uses the social media channel, as well as an extended online network to encourage action in schools.

All about: Regional Schools Commissioners

Regional Schools Commissioners (RSCs) hold an important role in the academies' structure. However, a report from earlier this year found that many teachers and parents were confused by the extra layers of management. 

In this blog post we investigate RSCs, their major responsibilities and how individuals get into the role. 

What is a Regional Schools Commissioner? 

RSCs make up a ‘middle-tier’ of the national schools' structure. The eight commissioners each have a prescribed region and they are chiefly responsible for the process of academisation in that area. 

How to become a school governor

Being a school governor is one of the most direct ways that local people can make a difference to education in the community. Collectively, the governing body helps take some of a school’s most important decisions. 

Often governors will provide support to a school, perhaps by offering certain specialist skills developed during their careers. But they are also responsible for holding a school to account and making sure that the headteacher is taking the school in the right direction. 

Pokèmon GO isn’t the biggest threat that children face online

Pokèmon GO, a new smash hit game that sees children and adults hunting for virtual creatures in the real world, carries with it a degree of danger. 

Veteran teachers might remember many of the playground problems that Pokèmon cards created more than a decade ago, but some of these issues have intensified and new dangers have emerged with the introduction of technology and the internet. 

How to switch on 'parent power' to drive improvement in your school

In an earlier blog post, HCSS Education outlined a number of threats to the future of parental engagement in schools.

We also found that 'parent power' was the most important factor in boosting pupil outcomes.

Education leaders debate the best ways to tackle budget crisis

A recent roundtable event, hosted by HCSS Education and Education Executive, brought together highly experienced education leaders to discuss some of the key financial challenges facing schools and academies today.

Balancing The Books - HCSS Education's latest research report launched

Today sees the launch of our new report, Balancing The Books. In the report we take a look at the challenges facing schools and academies. 

With increasing costs, uncertainties over future funding with the ever-present pressure on school leaders to deliver high standards all having a signficiant effect on the sector. We wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the budgeting issues facing schools and academies: whether they have financial strategies and support in place, why deficits occur and what tends to lie behind this, when it happens. 

Early HCSS Budgeting software adopter takes charge to avert potential future budget crisis

St Thomas More Catholic School is one of HCSS Education’s oldest customers. The school has used HCSS Budgeting, the specialist education finance software, from its very early beginnings and has been instrumental in its development. Now, with the school anticipating a budget deficit in three years, bursar Charlotte Campbell says that the software is crucial in taking action now to prevent school finances from failing.