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Four great benefits of using HCSS Curriculum

HCSS Education developed HCSS Curriculum in association with the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL). It is a staffing resource tool that allows schools to match their curriculum staffing requirements against their resources, capabilities and budget plans – in order to make more efficient staffing decisions. 

Education technology that didn't exist 20 years ago

Technology has come a long way in 20 years. Today, new gadgets, new software and new digital classrooms are on the verge of revolutionising how children are educated – but we could still go a lot further. 

In 1996, mobile phones were still shaped by house bricks, the DVD was the new cutting-edge technology and people were only just beginning to talk about ‘the web’ and something called ‘electronic mail.’ 

Using cloud software to energise efficiency in schools

Cloud-based software has revolutionised how schools and academies operate. New, more agile packages like HCSS Education’s software suite have replaced clunky desktop programmes that give a poorer user experience. 

These new tools come with a whole list of extra benefits like easier access to data, closer collaboration between colleagues and automatic updates, as standard.

To better illustrate the potential of cloud software, we have picked out some of the most popular applications that could help you ramp up efficiency, improve communication and collaboration.

Six challenges that need to be overcome as we turn schools into academies

The planned move to academies announced in the Budget is the biggest shake up to the education system in decades; it’s one that will break a link between local authorities and schools that has existed since the very start of the 20th century.

Such a big change will come with significant and far reaching consequences and challenges that the government will need to overcome if it is going to be successful. 

Best Practices in School Budgeting

Education finance specialists HCSS Education have years of experience helping schools, academies and local authorities stay in control of their budgets.

HCSS Accounting project enters new phase

Back in November, we wrote a blog post sharing news about HCSS Accounting, our new financial accounting software package for 2016. 

Today we share the latest update on the project as it enters an exciting new phase.

World Book Day recommendations from the team at HCSS Education

Today is the 19th World Book Day, a global celebration of reading that aims to encourage children to explore the pleasures of picking up a book. But who says children should have all the fun! 

In the spirit of the day, here are some of HCSS Education’s favourite reads for adults. 

Mister Pip, by Lloyd Jones

An inspiring story about a misfit teacher on a war-torn island in the South Pacific. In testament to the lasting relevance of Charles Dickens, Mr Watts uses Great Expectations to get villagers to open up and share their stories. 

Money saving holiday tips for the budget conscious educator

The February half-term is upon us, and with Easter on the horizon we thought we would put some of our expertise to good use and share some top tips for holiday money saving.

Top ten education tweeters in the UK

The 69th Bafta film awards, hosted by the scholarly Stephen Fry, brought recognition to British stars John Boyega, who won EE rising star and Kate Winslet who received best supporting actress. But we thought that we'd turn the spotlight on to some other deserving celebrities - from the world of education. 

We've put together a list of some of the education sector's best, brightest and most entertaining individuals and organisations from the Twittersphere. Get following, and make sure your Twitter feed reads like an educational A-list.