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Deficit Recovery Planning

Deficit Recovery Planning overview

With real terms shrinking resources, uncertainties of future funding and increasing pressure on School leaders to deliver high standards, many Schools are finding it difficult to balance the budget. If your School or Academy currently has a budget deficit or faces a potential deficit in the future, HCSS Education can help.

Using market leading financial planning software, HCSS Budgeting, our team of experienced consultants can assist School leaders in constructing robust financial plans that will not only recover a deficit position but will also ensure that the School maintains a balanced budget going forward.

Our financial consultants, including the Chief Executive, are former School and Academy practitioners that understand the complexities of education funding. To ensure that the School not only balances the budget but also maintains high standards of teaching and learning, we can also offer optional curriculum consultation from former and existing Headteachers of outstanding schools.

Although it may seem illogical to invest valuable resources into a deficit recovery service, in many cases, suggestions made by our consultants to generate additional income, make cost savings and improve value for money often outweigh our fees!

Key features of our Deficit Recovery Planning service

The construction of a five year deficit recovery plan using HCSS Budgeting. The service includes:

  • Initial consultation and data capture
  • Construction of a comprehensive five year ‘base budget’
  • Consultation on the production of ‘what if’ scenarios, together with advice on potential cost/efficiency savings
  • Production of a full report suitable for presentation to the Leadership Team and Governing Body
  • Complimentary copy of HCSS Budgeting
  • Optional curriculum consultation

Why choose HCSS Education?

  • Delivered independently and objectively without bias.
  • All consultants have appropriate accounting qualifications and/or significant experience in the education sector. All consultants, including the Head of Service and the Chief Executive, are former School/Academy practitioners.
  • All curriculum consultants are former or existing Headteachers of ‘outstanding’ schools.
  • Access to a network of support and advice from leading education specialists. As well as the actual production of the deficit recovery plan consultants can also advise on best practice.
  • Service can be tailored to any School or Academy, regardless of size and sector.


How much does this service cost?

If you are interested in finding out more about this service including pricing information please call us on 0845 345 3300 or make an enquiry using the online form.