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FMS MultiView

FMS MultiView

Consolidated remote reporting

FMS MultiView is an online package for the seamless consolidation and presentation of data from any number of linked FMS databases.

Allowing remote access to and consolidation of data from FMS; this is a ground breaking new service enabling organisations to enhance their support offering to individual and groups of Academies and Schools.

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FMS MultiView


FMS MultiView has been developed in partnership with Capita specifically to enable groups of FMS6 users to consolidate their data. Data can be accessed by the central administrative function of the group to monitor and support FMS6 at each individual School/Academy.A detailed description of features and benefits has been provided. In summary, FMS MultiView features:

  • Minimal impact on individual School/Academy users
  • Produces both individual and consolidated reports
  • Pre-defined reports available
  • Reports can be exported into Excel and PDF formats, which can then be easily emailed and shared
  • User definable reports available
  • Configurable dashboard panels which can drill down into more detailed information
  • Individual Academies and Schools can access the system to view reports on their own financial information
  • Project management implementation

Features & benefits

Minimal impact on individual School/Academy users

Data is securely uploaded every evening from local FMS6 databases to a central database. This task is automatically scheduled so that individuals at the School/Academy do not need to manually complete this process.

Produces both individual and consolidated reports

FMS MultiView reports can be filtered to show consolidated figures across the whole group, part of the group, or for individual Schools/Academies. This enables the production of consolidated accounts as well as the ability to monitor and support individual Schools/Academies

Pre-defined reports available

A number of reports are already available in FMS MultiView including reports in prescribed EFA format. Reports include:

  • Consolidated Trial Balance report

  • Summary Balance Sheet report

  • Detailed Balance Sheet report

  • Cash Flow report

  • Fixed Assets report

  • Summary Income Statement report

  • Detailed Income Statement report

  • Group Performance report

Commitments Reporting

The Trial Balance report now contains a 'Commitments' column. This shows the totals against each central ledger code for any Purchase Order or Salary Commitments that have not been cleared.

Reports can be exported into Excel and PDF formats, which can then be easily emailed and shared

The reporting in FMS MultiView will remove the need for individual Schools/Academies to email/post reports from FMS6 to the central admin function. This will save an enormous amount of time for central staff in not having to chase these reports from the Schools/Academies. It also saves the School/Academy time in not having to produce and send these reports.

User definable reports available

Users may set up their own reports in FMS MultiView and make them available to all the Schools/Academies in the group. This means that users can view the data in a familiar format and ensure consistency across the group.

Configurable dashboard panels which can drill down into more detailed information

FMS MultiView is dashboard driven. Users will see key data highlighted on the dashboard every time they log in to the software so they are able to focus on the most important elements. Data includes the upload status of the Schools' data and an overall financial performance pie chart.

Fund layer

This enables MATs to set 'central' fund codes, map individual academy fund codes to the central fund codes and filter reports by one or more central fund codes.

Individual Academies and Schools can access the system to view reports on their own financial information

This feature is very useful where Schools/Academies have staff or stakeholders, e.g Governors that wish to view the financial data remotely via the website. For example, Governors could log in to FMS MultiView to view the latest financial reports prior to a finance meeting. This ensures that they have the latest information and removes the need for Schools to have to email reports.

Project management implementation

Once a group decides to order FMS MultiView they will be assigned their own project manager who is responsible for managing the implementation and roll-out of FMS MultiView. The implementation broadly consists of:

  • Full project management of the whole process

  • Set-up of the upload from each participating School/Academy

  • Set-up of a central account coding structure

  • Mapping individual Schools/Academies coding structure to the central structure

  • Mapping the central coding structure to the reports

  • Set-up of user-defined reports

  • Training for central staff


How much does FMS MultiView cost?

If you are interested in finding out more about FMS MultiView including pricing information please call us on 01625 511011 or make an enquiry using the online form.