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HCSS Curriculum

A strategic staffing and curriculum resource planner developed in association with ASCL.

Curriculum Resource Planner - developed in association with ASCL

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With staffing costs accounting for up to 80% of expenditure, understanding whether you are using staff resources efficiently, and if your curriculum is financially viable, is critical to effective financial planning.

With HCSS Curriculum, you can create scenarios to inform your decisions on staffing and your curriculum in the short, medium and long term.

Key benefits

  • Understand the affordability of your curriculum
  • Easily determine whether your staff members are being deployed efficiently by identifying under/over utilisation
  • Devise your long-term strategy using five-year financial projections
  • Make better informed decisions on recruitment and staff cover
  • Produce more accurate financial forecasts
  • Effortlessly model the introduction or withdrawal of subjects, and the staffing implications, before making any changes
  • Produce a wide range of essential reports for key stakeholders including staff costs by subject

Key features include:

  • Settings tailored to your specific contact and non-contact codes and timetable cycle
  • A data dashboard displaying key indicators, pupil/teacher ratios, teacher FTEs and average class sizes
  • Comprehensive reporting: information is available in a range of formats and can be exported into Excel and PDF formats
  • Links to HCSS Budgeting – a major time saving benefit: import your key budget and staffing data from existing HCSS Budgeting plans; link different resource plans to different budget scenarios

Discounts available 

  • Save 20% when you purchase both HCSS Curriculum & HCSS Budgeting
  • Members of ASCL benefit from a 20% discount on HCSS Curriculum